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A seemingly sound piece of reasoning based on seemingly true assumptions that leads to a contradiction (or other obviously false conclusion), a paradox reveals that either the principles of reasoning or the assumptions on which it is based are faulty.

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  • It is said to be solved when the mistaken principles or assumptions are clearly identified and Rejected.
  • The philosophical interest in paradoxes arises from the fact that they sometimes reveal fundamentally mistaken assumptions or erroneous reasoning techniques.
  • Two groups of paradoxes have received a great deal of attention in modern philosophy. Known as the semantic paradoxes and the logical or set theoretic paradoxes, they reveal serious difficulties in our intuitive understanding of the basic notions of semantic and set theory.
  • Other well-known paradoxes include the barber paradox and the prediction (or hangman or unexpected examination) paradox.
    The barber paradox is mainly useful as an example of a paradox that is Easily resolved.
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